“Preparing for the Hanuman Space Monkey Event!”

Preparing for the Hanuman Space Monkey Event!

 Group 3 finished 3-2 Group 5 finished 3-2

Group 1 finished 3-2

Group 6 finished 16-9

 “In June of 2014 we were very fortunate to welcome an accounting specialist volunteer from AFID UK . This is the 2nd time that KCDI has the privilege of receiving an  AFID accounting specialist.

Coming all the way from England she helped train our staff (Mr Sambo, Mrs Sun Saymom and Mr Sothy) in accounting procedures and book-keeping.

Training KCDI staff using simple and efficient computer programs to be autonomous, transparent and efficient in day to day accounting and budgeting, our AFID volunteer has laid the ground for strengthening KCDI and making it into a more professional organization and empowering our Cambodian staff.

Our volunteer from AFID also helped check and put in order KCDI accounting from 2013 until June 2014. Assisting our AFID volunteer, one of our Board members and her husband also helped train our staff. Our Board treasurer also approved the new developments within KCDI.

KCDI staff feel very fulfilled at learning new skills and we are very grateful to our AFID volunteer for coming so far away to assist our school.”

“Our residential children will be visiting their villages for the summer break from 13th July until 10th August. Our school will be closed to performances and to visitors until 11th August.

“Please really help our school by participating in the Global Giving Bonus Day:




The Global Giving Bonus day starts on July 16th at 09:00 Washington DC time. Please see below for the starting time in your city and country.

Your donation will be matched 40% by Global Giving, as well as we could have the possibility to win up to $1.000 for the highest number of individual donors or the highest amount of donations received. This means that your individual donation goes really a very long way. If we are successful in our appeal, we could receive support for our school for the whole of 2015.

Donations must be made as early as possible after the starting date and time, otherwise matching funds could run out. For this Bonus Day, please kindly make sure your payments are made using either credit card or Paypal.

Times in Your City/Country for the Bonus Day 16th July 2014

  – Washington D.C.        09:00                                                                       - Berlin                          15:00

  – Doha                           16:00                                                                        – London                       14:00

  – Phnom Penh               20:00                                                                      – Rome                          13:00”

Special Fundraising Concert held in Rome , Italy , for the Kampot Traditional Music School For Orphaned and Disabled Children/KCDI.

The Royal Embassy of Cambodia in Paris has kindly given it’s patronage of this event.

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Urgent Appeal

For 20 years, the Kampot Traditional Music School has been supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged children improve their future prospects by training them in traditional Cambodian arts. However, the school is now facing closure due to lack of funding.

An increasing number of arts organisations in Cambodia have to compete against each other for ever-decreasing sources of funding. Following the end of KCDI’s last grant a few months ago, the school has continued to operate by using its reserve funds, but these are fast diminishing.

In an effort to prevent the closure of the school, KCDI has launched an urgent appeal on Global Giving. All donations are gratefully received as we try to ensure that the students continue to experience the support and guidance that every child deserves.

The closure of the Kampot Traditional Music School will have many far-reaching effects. Firstly, this vital resource for preserving original Khmer art forms will be lost. The school has played a vital role in preventing Yike, an ancient form of musical theatre native to the Kampot region, from dying out completely.

The school also provides extra-curricular classes to many children within the community to ensure that all, regardless of their background or circumstances, are able to experience this unique part of their heritage. Without further funding, these children will have to cease their studies and will no longer benefit from the care and services provided to them when they attend.

But the most difficult part of this will be the closure of the residential center, which currently houses 18 children from difficult backgrounds. A quarter of the children have no parents to return to and many of the others come from broken homes or severely deprived backgrounds. Staff are already looking at the logistics of returning these children to their villages as a more cost effective means of supporting them, but without the developmental opportunities afforded by their training and constant monitoring of their welfare by the staff, their future is uncertain.

Staff and volunteers are working to source further grants to continue KCDI’s work, but these take time. Please help support the school through this challenging period to prevent it from closing forever.

 Visit our Global Giving page here.

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Mahori training at KCDI

For the past few months, Mr. Samoeun, the Mahori master who teaches at KCDI, has been training a group of blind musicians. These are staff at a local Seeing Hands massage in Kampot Town. They have been making excellent progress and are committed students.

Here are some photos of the training in action.


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Fundraising Performance in Rome

KCDI founder, Ms. Catherine Geach, will be hosting a performance on May 19th in Rome, Italy. Please see the attached flyer for more information.

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New Classes

Starting this week, KCDI is holding new classes for students from the community. Here are some photos of our new students, who are so happy to welcome!



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